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7 Door-Hanging Products to Save Mountains of Space

7 Door-Hanging Products to Save Mountains of Space

If your tapped out of storage ideas then why not look at getting more from your door ? Nearly every bedroom has one and we believe they are vastly under utilized for storage solutions.

From our own door hanging laundry hamper to a door hanging shoe rack almost anything can be stored hanging behind your door with some clever diy ideas and innovative products.


1. The Door Hanging Ironing Board by Household Essentials 


This door hanging Ironing Board is ingenious for saving ironing board space and for those of us that hate opening and closing ironing boards on a daily basis it saves soooo much space in your laundry or spare room.  Comes complete with stainless steel door hooks. You can find it on Amazon on this link

2. The Door Hanging Laundry Hamper by Laundry Nook - (Shameless Plug)

The Laundry Nook is a purpose built 100% Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper that saves space. Designed for anyone that wants to save space and popular with apartment dwellers you will wonder why you hadnt thought of this sooner when your finally rid of that space sucking hamper. Comes with a handy rear zipper to drop clothes out and also stainless steel hooks to hang over your door. 

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3. Mens Closet Door Hanging Cork Board 

 Purpose built for mens ties and belts this brilliant setup frees up so much hanging space inside the closet. If you or your hubby need more space in the cloest this wouldnt be hard to DIY. Necessary parts can be found in any hardware store ie Cork Board, Hooks and a nice frame to top off the look !

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4. Door Hanging Purse Rack by Jokari 

Do you have handbags stashed away where you cant reach them? Try the The Purse Rack ! It has two racks per pack and holds 16 purses. It is easy set up on your door is easily adjustable. More importantly it will save alot of space and allow you to more easily switch bags more often when their close at hand.

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5. Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer



No where to put shoes ? Try this 24 Pocket easy peezy shoe rack that hangs over your door by SimpleHouseware.

6. Kitchen Cupboard Door Hanging Measuring Board

Make your kitchen doors more useful with clever ideas like this chalkboard.

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7. Over Door Closet Storage Organizer

Check out this fabulous over the door hanging organizer made from fabric and looking pretty cool. Great for all your go to items like purses, sunglasses, scarves etc 

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