Laundry Nook



How does Laundry Nook hang over my door ?

Laundry Nook comes with stainless steel door hooks designed to fit a standard internal door which covers around 95% of doors.

What if my door is thinner how can I secure the hooks ?

A smaller percentage of door are thinner however the provided door hooks can still work using some additional padding under the hooks. For example using inexpensive chair leg felt protector pads will work well under the hooks to fill the gap and secure the hooks more evenly.

What are your delivery terms ? 

We offer free USPS shipping to the USA at this stage 

What is your return policy ?

If for any reason your unhappy with your purchase we offer a 100% no questions asked refund on your goods up to 30 days from purchase.

Can I carry the hamper to a laundromat ? 

While the Laundry Nook is not designed with a handle it can be easily transported by grasping the loops at the top of the bag used for the hooks.

How do I remove clothes ?

The Laundry Nook comes with a back zipper to easily drop clothing out without unhooking the bag.



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